Evening Activities

Evening activities will take advantage of our beautiful camp and temperate summer nights. The schedule is presently being finalized - but look for it to include activities for all tastes:

Ice Breakers

Yep ... come prepared to meet new people as we "break the ice" over dinner the first night. A new and creative format (no food throwing -- but you will be doing a lot of acting out! :). Come hungry ... and prepared to have fun! Oh yeah ... you get to eat too!

Wilderness 1st aid

Yep ... we're in the wilderness (well, sort of!) ... time to learn a little info about what to do for the cut or sprain out on the hiking trail.


Israeli? Country line dancing? Still in the planning, but expect at least one, if not more of these!

Board games

Mellow scrabble? Cranium? Pictionary? Scrabble? Look for tournaments.

Shabbat Services/Havdallah

Commune with nature while welcoming in and out the Shabbat.


A Mosaic tradition! Say no more.

Talent Show

Another Mosaic tradition .... show your talent to one of the more appreciative audiences you'll find on this side of the Mason-Dixon line! :)


And .. more activities still being planned!!!

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