Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: Join Mosaic's International "Green Team!"

Preserving and appreciating the great outdoors should go hand-in-hand with an ethic of conservation, don't you agree? So why not get involved with the International Event by joining Mosaic's International Green Team with a goal of "greening" the International Event, fostering recycling, conserving resources and "planting the seeds" of a shared ethic of conservation and environmental awareness that can be carried back home (and we promise, it won't be heavy! :) What better gift to give back to Mother Nature? We need your good energy and ideas for "greening" this year's event (and all the rest to come!) For questions, to share ideas, brainstorm and for more information, email

Offset your Carbon Emissions

We all emit carbon dioxide emissions when we drive, fly, use electricity, or generate waste. We all travel varying distances to get to Mosaic events. Learn how much emissions you are producing, and check out this method for offsetting those emissions:

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