JCC Ranch Camp is split into two main areas: Girls Camp and Boys Camp.  Each of the areas has a central modern bathhouse facility.  Note that in the Girl's camp, there is a side of the bathhouse for guys, with shower/toilet facilities, so there are a couple "couples" cabins located in the Girls Camp.  In the Boys camp, the bathhouse is single-sex only.  There are a few premium rooms that have shared hall bathrooms and a couple with private baths. Note that premium accommodations are quite limited this year, so be sure to register early to be sure you get one.  They will be assigned on a first-come basis so that earlier registrants will get better rooms.

Room Rates

  • No charge for standard cabins (5-6 people per cabin)
  • Tent sites are limited this year.  There are a few raised wooden platforms that tenters can use, but you'll need to ensure that your tent is secured. You may wish to bring rope to tie off to the platform sides. There is no discount for tenters this year as we pay the camp on a per-person basis.

Premium Rooms

  • $100 for Single room. Note that these rooms are extremely limited. They are located in the infirmary and will share a hall bath. - SOLD OUT
  • $75 per person for Doubles room (Both occupants must be of the same sex) There are only a couple of these rooms available. SOLD OUT
  • $75 per person for Couples room (Note that most of these rooms have two single beds that can be pushed together. You may wish to bring an air mattress. Rooms will share two hall baths (Male and Female)) SOLD OUT
  • $100/person Premium Couple. There are only a couple of these available. They will have a private bath. SOLD OUT

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